Preparing a cash statement for your claim

If you need this guidance in a language other than English or in alternative formats, please contact us and we will provide it for you. If you need extra help with making a claim we will work with someone who has your permission to represent you, such as a new solicitor or legal advisor, or a member of Citizens Advice or other support agency.

If, in the course of claiming compensation from us, you are unable to obtain certain documents, you may need to prepare a cash statement. This is a simple document listing the money the legal adviser received and paid out. It should show

  • all the assets the legal adviser received
  • all the amounts they have paid out, and
  • the legal adviser's costs for work done.

If your cash statement is relating to a conveyancing transaction, you will need to include

  • the sale price of the property
  • the amount of your mortgage that should have been paid off
  • the estate agent's fees
  • details of the legal adviser's costs
  • the purchase price
  • money the legal adviser received in the form of the mortgage advance
  • the deposit paid
  • money the client has paid, and
  • other expenses—for example stamp duty, land tax, registry fees and searches.
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