Warning: Emails from “Mexter Solicitors LLP”

13 November 2017

Emails have been sent which falsely claim to be from “Mexter Solicitors LLP”, in relation to a conveyancing matter. 

What is the scam?

The SRA has seen copy emails claiming to be from “Mexter Solicitors LLP”, which direct the recipient to an attachment appearing to be an “Amended Sales Memorandum” for a property.  A concern is that the attachment may contain malware.

The emails seen by the SRA were sent in the name of “Catherine Agger” and have been sent from the email address

The emails claim that “Mexter Solicitors LLP” has an office address of Old Cross, Dertford, a telephone number of 01772 532000 and a fax number of 01672 5340277. The email footers also misuse the name of a genuine firm of Solicitors (see below).

The SRA does not authorise or regulate a firm of solicitors called “Mexter Solicitors LLP”. The SRA also does not authorise or regulate a genuine solicitor called Catherine Agger.

Any business or transactions carried out in the name of Mexter Solicitors LLP, or through the email addresses and contact details listed above, are not undertaken by a genuine solicitor’s practice or an individual authorised or regulated by the SRA.

Is there a genuine firm or person?

 The SRA authorise and regulate a genuine firm called McLellans.

The genuine firm of McLellans has an office address at Old Cross House, Old Cross, Hertford, Hertfordshire. SG14 1RB. Its telephone number for that office is 01992 532 000 and its fax number is 01992 534 020.

The genuine firm of McLellans has confirmed that it has no connection to the emails referred to above.