Recently published decisions

Listed below are our 50 most-recently published regulatory decisions. Many of the decisions we make about the individuals and firms we regulate are published. We aim to ensure decisions we publish are accurate and up to date. However, this website does not offer a complete picture of an individual's or firm's regulatory record. For the most complete, up-to-date information we can offer about an individual's or firm's regulatory record, please .

Several factors determine whether we publish a decision—including when the decision was made, the type of decision it is and, in some cases, whether it is in the public interest to publish it. Our decisions can be challenged by appeals or judicial review. Normally, we publish a decision only after the expiry of an appeal period. Please read our guidance on publishing regulatory and disciplinary decisions.

We began publishing some of our decisions in January 2008, and have since developed our policy and our website. We continue to develop our website to improve the way in which you can search for decisions. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed which displays the 20 most-recently published decisions.

Please read our Publication policy—see Types of decision we may publish.

NameDecisionDate of publication
Lee LipsonSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order21 February 2019
Zulfiqar AliSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order21 February 2019
Jonathan HornerReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal21 February 2019
Rajesh VirdeeRebuke20 February 2019
Philip NeedhamRebuke20 February 2019
Altaf BhurawalaRebuke20 February 2019
Kate WadsworthRebuke20 February 2019
Sarah CooperCondition20 February 2019
Paula SatchellRebuke20 February 2019
Jeremy Lewis Charles SpencerCondition20 February 2019
Sharon MallettCondition20 February 2019
David SykesCondition20 February 2019
Nnadozie OkpokiriCondition20 February 2019
Syed HassanIntervention18 February 2019
Gary AckincloseSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order14 February 2019
Paula HarrisSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order14 February 2019
Richard QuinnReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal14 February 2019
Mohammed DarReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal14 February 2019
Edward PearceCondition14 February 2019
Mayoor ParekhCondition14 February 2019
Andrew PascoeCondition14 February 2019
Adeorike AdesemowoCondition14 February 2019
Lloyd MoodyCondition14 February 2019
Emma-Jane KurtzPC/registration free of conditions14 February 2019
Buddika KadurugamuwaCondition14 February 2019
Safdar AkhtarCondition14 February 2019
Mohammed RiazCondition14 February 2019
David SteerRegulatory settlement agreement13 February 2019
Anthony BirchallCondition13 February 2019
XL Law Limited
Intervention13 February 2019
Simon BrennanCondition13 February 2019
Graham JamiesonPC/registration free of conditions13 February 2019
Andrew RidingsControl of non-qualified staff (section 43 order)13 February 2019
Mark GreenburghRebuke13 February 2019
Talib HussainCondition13 February 2019
Julia BeasleySelect one13 February 2019
Nusrat HussainCondition13 February 2019
Andrew GilmoreCondition13 February 2019
Jayanthi SagantiIntervention12 February 2019
Keith O’NeillIntervention11 February 2019
Rachel Edwards BarrottCondition6 February 2019
Paul IwezuluCondition6 February 2019
Susan MarzianoCondition6 February 2019
Susan Barrington-BinnsCondition6 February 2019
Nighat MunirRegulatory settlement agreement6 February 2019
Sarah LishPC/registration free of conditions6 February 2019
Nicholas HallPC/registration free of conditions6 February 2019
Akpevwe Scott-EmuakporCondition6 February 2019
Gbolahan EsuruosoCondition6 February 2019
Lauren AndersonReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal4 February 2019
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