Recently published decisions

Listed below are our 50 most-recently published regulatory decisions. Many of the decisions we make about the individuals and firms we regulate are published. We aim to ensure decisions we publish are accurate and up to date. However, this website does not offer a complete picture of an individual's or firm's regulatory record. For the most complete, up-to-date information we can offer about an individual's or firm's regulatory record, please .

Several factors determine whether we publish a decision—including when the decision was made, the type of decision it is and, in some cases, whether it is in the public interest to publish it. Our decisions can be challenged by appeals or judicial review. Normally, we publish a decision only after the expiry of an appeal period. Please read our guidance on publishing regulatory and disciplinary decisions.

We began publishing some of our decisions in January 2008, and have since developed our policy and our website. We continue to develop our website to improve the way in which you can search for decisions. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed which displays the 20 most-recently published decisions.

Please read our Publication policy—see Viewing decisions and Types of decision we may publish.

NameDecisionDate of publication
  Neil Adrian AistonCondition23 February 2017
  Duncan Lewis Solicitors LimitedRegulatory settlement agreement23 February 2017
  Bryn Graham HiggottCondition22 February 2017
  Sanjay TanejaCondition22 February 2017
  David Dorian LewisCondition21 February 2017
  Philip David WhitcombCondition21 February 2017
  Bilal KhawajaCondition21 February 2017
  Alum Zeb Khan KhattakCondition21 February 2017
  Adekunle SoyegeCondition21 February 2017
  Hutson AlanSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order20 February 2017
  Rachel HutsonSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order20 February 2017
  Yasmeen Raja-KhanReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal20 February 2017
  Muhammad Ismaeel MalikCondition20 February 2017
  Olusola Morakinyo AyeniCondition17 February 2017
  Shohaab DarCondition17 February 2017
  Syed Tanweer AkhtarCondition17 February 2017
  Bankole Olutoba ThomasPC/registration free of conditions16 February 2017
  Tajudeen Adegoke AdenijiCondition16 February 2017
  Christina SmithRebuke16 February 2017
  Steven NacarloReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal16 February 2017
  Patricia Rosaleen ScullyReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal16 February 2017
  Alasdair James BrownReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal16 February 2017
  Raymond St John MurphyReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal15 February 2017
  Toufique HossainRebuke14 February 2017
  Nanda Kishore DasariRebuke14 February 2017
  Davinderjit SinghPC/registration free of conditions14 February 2017
  Theresa Naana QuarteyCondition14 February 2017
  Rachel Edwards BarrottCondition13 February 2017
  Richard HighamApproval of employment (section 41)13 February 2017
  Michaela HoggarthPC/registration free of conditions13 February 2017
  David GoreCondition13 February 2017
  Martin Guyll-WigginsCondition10 February 2017
  Paul Ifeanyi Okafor IwezuluCondition10 February 2017
  Barrie Yorath JonesCondition10 February 2017
  Gillian McNultyTermination of suspension of PC/registration10 February 2017
  Paul Christopher GrimwoodRegulatory settlement agreement10 February 2017
  David Mark RobertsRegulatory settlement agreement10 February 2017
  James Michael AshtonRegulatory settlement agreement10 February 2017
  Susan Louise LoweIntervention9 February 2017
  Cosmas EmetiCondition9 February 2017
  Melanie Claire HammondCondition9 February 2017
  Buddika Sajeevani KadurugamuwaSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order8 February 2017
  Chukwugozi Reeves ElumogoCondition8 February 2017
  Richard Noel SedgleySolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order8 February 2017
  Rehana Kauser SaeedCondition8 February 2017
  James PykeIntervention8 February 2017
  Karen Elizabeth TodnerRegulatory settlement agreement8 February 2017
  Arachchige Ranjith PanamulleCondition8 February 2017
  Kanthia Kangesu PathmanathanCondition7 February 2017
  Barbara Afua BilsonIntervention6 February 2017