A question of trust

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What we are trying to do

Explore solicitors’ professional values and standards and what they mean in practice

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Who needs to know

Everyone involved in legal services, including those who access or use them

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What's going on

Our 'question of trust' campaign saw 5,400 members of the public and profession share their views on what values and standards they expect solicitors to meet. The campaign used scenarios based on real-life cases so that people could say what issues they saw as minor and those, by contrast, they saw as serious.

We completed the research in January and have shared some of our initial findings. These show that the public and profession agree that the most serious offences for a solicitor relate to dishonesty, criminal activity and misuse of client money. Yet it also shows that in some areas there are differences in views between the public and solicitors. For instance issues linked to a solicitor’s competence - such as a solicitor providing advice without fully understanding the relevant law and costing the client money - were viewed as more serious by the public.

The findings will be used to help us refine our approach to how we judge the seriousness of offences and what action we may take.