What we are trying to do

Keeping you up to date with any relevant developments arising from the UK's exit from the EU

Who needs to know

Everyone working in a firm we authorise and/or regulate

What's going on

We understand that if you work in legal services, or are thinking about a law career, you are likely to be considering how Brexit will affect you.

We have assessed current practice and have not made any changes. We continue to assess Brexit's potential impact on lawyers working in the UK and abroad.

To help you in the interim, we have produced a report looking at the latest news and impact analyses, as well as a checklist for firms.

The UK's future relationship with the EU is unknown. But our planned reforms will create a more flexible and modern model of regulation fit for a changing world.

We are talking to the Government, the Council of the Law Societies and Bars of Europe and other regulators. These talks will continue over the months ahead.

We will provide updates and practical guidance when formal Brexit negotiations begin and Britain's future is clearer.

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