Risk Outlook 2015/2016

Autumn 2015 update

30 November 2015

We have updated our priority risks online tool which provides an at-a-glance view of the Risk Outlook. This useful resource includes trends information, case studies and tips on how to manage risks to the public and the rule of law.

What is new?

  • Detail on how we are supporting legal apprenticeships and help to improve social mobility
  • A summary of our latest research into lawyer-client relationships in larger firms and what this means for independence
  • New case study on cybercrime

We will be updating priority risk tool again in the spring, meaning you will always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Regulating small firms – report out now

We are also publishing a new report on regulation for small firms. We know time is precious and many firms have limited resources to dedicate to keeping up with changing regulation. This report brings together the changes we have made that are relevant for small firms, and discusses how you can benefit from them.

Our research tells us that the smaller the firm, the less likely you are to use our main Risk Outlook to manage risk in your business. So this report also includes tailored risk management information and case studies based on real experiences from firms like yours.

We would welcome your feedback on the updated online tool and our small firms report; please contact us.

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