Our annual conference for Compliance Officers took place on 31 October 2017 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull.

Now in its fifth year, this offers keynote presentations, multiple breakout sessions and panels on topics that are both thought-provoking and can support you in your role.

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Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) and Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFAs) play a key role in the SRA's regime of outcomes-focused regulation, aimed at producing the most appropriate outcomes for consumers of legal services. The COLP and COFA is instrumental in creating a culture of compliance throughout a firm, becoming its focal point for the identification of risk, and the key point of contact for the SRA.

Through COLPs and COFAs, the SRA is promoting the benefits of closer working between the regulator and those who are regulated.

What is a COLP and COFA?

The COLP and COFA have responsibility for the firm's systems and controls. They are responsible for ensuring processes are in place to enable the firm, its managers and employees, and anyone who has any interest in the firm to comply with the SRA Handbook.


The roles of COLP and COFA are an integral part of our move to outcomes-focused regulation and key to our aim that firms will take responsibility for managing risks to their delivery of legal services.

Read more on the ethos of a COLP and COFA


COLPs and COFAs must be fit and proper to undertake their roles.

Read more on the roles of COLPs and COFAs

Responsibilities of COLPs and COFAs

At the heart of the compliance officer roles are risk management and proper governance.

As part of the move to outcomes-focused regulation, all firms and recognised sole practitioners are required to nominate a COLP and a COFA. They will ensure your firm has systems and controls to enable you to comply with regulatory requirements. It is essential that you have the right individuals in place to perform these key roles.

COLPS and COFAs will be expected to take all reasonable steps to fulfil a range of duties.

Read more on the responsibilities of a COLP and COFA.

Recording and reporting

Recording all breaches and reporting material breaches are critical aspects of the role of compliance officers.

Read more about recording and reporting

Nominating COLPs and COFAs

Here we explain how to change a COLP or COFA, what to do if a COLP or COFA withdraws consent to fulfil that role and the steps you need to take when a postholder is absent. There is also information on the importance of consents and declarations.

How to nominate a COLP and COFA

Case studies

We have selected case studies that should be of specific interest to compliance officers. We will add to these periodically.

Read our case studies


Compliance News

Compliance News is our e-newsletter for compliance officers. COLPs and COFAs receive the newsletter automatically—we hope it will become one of our key channels for communicating with you.

If you are not a compliance officer but wish to receive it, please subscribe to our mailing list.


The SRA regularly attends key conferences and stakeholder events across the country. These keynote speeches will be of interest to you.

News releases

Many of the news releases we issue will be of interest to COLPs and COFAs.

Other publications

A selection of other publications will be useful resources for COLPs and COFAs.

Events and webinars

The SRA regularly holds events and webinars, many of which are likely to be of interest to you.

See SRA events and webinars

More help for COLPs and COFAs


As a COLP or COFA, you may have questions relating to your role. We hope these frequently asked questions, which we will update as required, help.


Ethics Q&A

These questions and answers may help you fulfil your role or answer some of the issues you are facing.

Read Ethics Q&A

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