Law firm diversity

Promoting a diverse profession is one of our regulatory objectives and it's a responsibility we share with everyone working in the profession.

Your firm data

You will be able to report your firm diversity data in the week commencing 17 July 2017. You can view the diversity data you submitted in 2015 until we start collecting the new data. Find out more about collecting and publishing your firm’s diversity data.

Diversity for the profession

Use our firm diversity data tool to find out what you want to know about diversity in your sector. Read our summary of the firm diversity data to find out how diverse are law firms. Read our summary of the diversity of in-house solicitors.

How to promote diversity in your firm

We have provided resources and information you can use to promote diversity in your firm. Find out the benefits of a diverse profession, learn how to promote trans inclusion in your firm and read more about promoting diversity in recruitment and progression.

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