Law firm diversity

Promoting a diverse profession is one of our regulatory objectives and it's a responsibility we share with everyone working in the profession.

Law firm diversity tool

An interactive and easy way to view diversity information about firms by size, work type and location.


How diverse are law firms?

Learn more about diversity in law firms from the robust data we collected from over 9,000 regulated firms in England and Wales.


How diverse are in-house lawyers?

Law firms employ around 73% of all solicitors that are practising. The remaining solicitor population are largely based in-house, employed by organisations that are not regulated legal businesses.


Benefits of a diverse profession

A diverse and representative legal profession benefits both law firms and consumers. It makes good business sense for firms to access all the talent available and a firm will be well equipped to access and serve its diverse community.


How to promote diversity in your firm

We can see that many firms are rising to the challenge and leading the way in this area. The information and resources here can help you to realise the benefits of a diverse workforce.


Why we collect diversity data

Collecting diversity data is only the first step to promoting diversity in the profession. Whilst asking for your data is a regulatory requirement, we will not be imposing diversity quotas or targets on law firms, or punish firms for not being diverse enough.


Law firm diversity Q&A

Question and answers on our diversity tools and how to get the most from it.


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