Existing firm applications

August 2017

Apply for a Waiver from the obligation to obtain an accountants report

Information you will need

A regulated person or firm applying for a waiver must show that the circumstances of the application are exceptional so that they do not have to submit an accountant's report.

It is for you to demonstrate that there are exceptional circumstances. The factors that we might take into account are in our waiver policy.

You may need to provide evidence to support your application, such as client account statements.

Help with your notification

Contact us if you have any queries before you submit your notification.

How to tell us

Complete the waiver form and return it to us by email, along with any evidence you are submitting.


Send us your completed waiver application form by email


There is no fee.

What you can expect from us

We will acknowledge your application form within one working day.

We may contact you if we have questions about your waiver application.


We aim to make a decision within 90 days.

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