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Character and suitability test - LDP non-lawyer managers

10 January 2008

Legal Services Act: New forms of practice and regulation
Consultation paper 1

The SRA is in the process of developing its regulatory framework to facilitate the new forms of practice permitted under the Legal Services Act—legal disciplinary practices (LDPs) and alternative business structures (ABSs). The work on LDPs is particularly time-critical, as they could become available in 2009. The purpose of this paper is to invite your comments on an important aspect of the project—the development of a "character and suitability" test for non-lawyers who wish to become managers in an SRA-regulated LDP.

In November 2007, we published a policy paper outlining our initial thoughts on the principles which should guide the SRA's development of the new regulatory framework—Legal Services Act: New forms of practice and regulation. The paper can be read in conjunction with this consultation to fill in some of the background detail. It also contains a glossary of terms which you may find useful when reading this and other consultations.

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