Equality and diversity

Last updated 2 August 2013

We are currently reviewing our Equality Framework and equality objectives in line with the 2013/2015 SRA strategic plan. We will publish the updated Equality Framework and 2013/2015 objectives shortly.

Equality Framework

On 13 July 2011, the SRA Board approved our Equality Framework, which included our equality objectives and equality and diversity action plan for 2011/12. We have reported our progress in 2011 and will be publishing our progress report for 2012 by the end of June 2013.

By the end of September 2013, we will publish our new equality objectives and action plan for 2013/14, which will support the SRA's current strategic plan.

Equality impact assessments

An equality impact assessment is a review process analysing the potential or actual effects of our policies, procedures, practices, criteria and functions to determine whether they have a differential impact on any groups—such as disabled people, women or black and minority ethnic people.

More about equality impact assessments

Recent equality impact assessments


As part of our commitment to improve transparency on equality and diversity issues, we publish reports, including those we have commissioned about disproportionality, annual reports of our progress in meeting our equality objectives and diversity monitoring reports about our regulatory work.

SRA staff diversity monitoring data

As part of our Equality Framework and in compliance with our public sector equality duty, we collect and publish diversity monitoring data about our staff.

Diversity data collection

Firms are required to collect, report and publish workforce diversity data following the implementation of the Legal Services Board's transparency requirements.

Diversity data collection 2013: Guidance for the profession

Reasonable adjustments policy

We have published our reasonable adjustment policy.

Gender reassignment policy statement

Our policy statement sets out how we recognise and respect the rights of those who have undergone or are undergoing gender reassignment.

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Forum on disability

Our forum on disability—for consumers and consumer organisations—is one way that organisations representing the interests of disabled and vulnerable people work with us. The forum aims to bring about real change for the better in identifying barriers experienced by disabled people and working together to overcome those barriers in the context of legal services.

More about our forum on disability


Read Diversity in the profession, an SRA e-newsletter to keep you informed about the equality and diversity work of the SRA and the diversity issues facing the profession.

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