Records disposal schedules

Please note that the content below, including downloadable schedules, is under review and will be updated in due course.

The records disposal schedules which follow form part of a set of procedures supporting the records management policy of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

They provide evidence of compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and our Freedom of Information Code of Practice, as well as adherence to best practice standards in recordkeeping.

The schedules will assist the SRA to:

  • Reduce multiple sets of identical records and data.
  • Remove obsolete or inaccurate information.
  • Improve business processes.
  • Meet legislative compliance requirements.
  • Create corporate rules for records disposal as part of new system implementation.

Destruction of records in accordance with the provisions of these schedules will be suspended if it becomes apparent that there is any possibility of anticipated litigation or regulatory investigation.


The records disposal schedules below fall into two categories:

  • General schedules which cut across organisational boundaries to cover records common to all business units or which are shared between units.
  • Specific schedules covering the operational records of each business unit.

General schedules

Business-unit specific schedules

Current Directorate Business Unit Date Approved
CEO & SRA Board Change Programme 10 November 2008
CEO & SRA Board Operations Development 22 January 2009
Client Protection Compensation Fund 23 November 2006
Client Protection Indemnity Insurance (PDF 90K) 27 March 2009
Client Protection Statutory Trusts Project (PDF 79K) 26 February 2009
Information Contact Centre (PDF 86K) 26 February 2009
Information Information Unit (PDF 75K) 6 February 2009
Inspection & Investigation Forensic Investigations (PDF 77K) 16 May 2005
Inspection & Investigation Intervention Archives (PDF 180K) 4 April 2006
Legal Adjudication (PDF 103K) 9 March 2009
Legal Legal Department (PDF 101K) 8 April 2009
Policy & Communications Board Business, Communications and Policy Support (PDF 166K) 22 April 2009
Regulation Response Conduct Investigation Unit (PDF 83K) 13 March 2009
Regulation Response Outsourcing and Operations 8 December 2008
Regulation Response Regulatory Investigations (PDF 131K) 11 March 2008
Standards Education & Training Unit (PDF 464K) 2 May 2006
Standards Professional Ethics (PDF 81K) 7 April 2006
Standards Policy Ethics (PDF 114K) 7 April 2006

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