Anti-money laundering

In September, we stepped up our efforts to ensure members of the profession do not become embroiled in money laundering activity and remain compliant with the various regulations and legislation associated with anti-money laundering.

Solicitors have a duty under the Code of Conduct to ensure their business complies with anti-money laundering legislation and the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Law firms often handle large sums of money, and this means they attract those who seek to launder the proceeds of crime. We have been working with firms to ensure robust systems are in place to guard against involvement in money laundering and are compliant with the current regulations and legislation.

We have also been testing systems used to report money laundering, and establishing how widely these systems are known within each firm.

As part of this work, we have produced two warning notices to advise on suspicious transactions.

The warning notices are on our website.

For the money laundering warning notice, go to

For the Suspicious Activity Reports warning notice, visit

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