Press release archive for 2016


SRA welcomes CMA call for market reform to help public and small businesses

15 December 2016

We have welcomed the Competition and Market Authority's (CMA) calls for reform of legal services to make the market more open and competitive.

SRA looks at doing more to help solicitors and firms to offer new services in new ways

14 December 2016

We have published proposals to make it easier for law firms to develop new ideas and new thinking.

Solicitors face tough sanctions for £35m of investment fraud

7 December 2016

We have flagged that six solicitors have been sanctioned in the last two months for involvement in dubious investment schemes as we publish a detailed Risk Outlook update for solicitors about the risks of such schemes.

Conveyancing theft reported as biggest cybercrime problem for law firms

7 December 2016

Figures we have published today have shown that email hacks of conveyancing transactions are the most common cybercrime in the legal sector, with £7m of client losses reported in the last year.

Review finds mostly positive picture for solicitors working with asylum seekers

7 December 2016

Solicitors and law firms are generally serving asylum seekers well, we have found, although there remains room for improvement.


Reports double of investment scams using law firms, as public lose "at least" £100m, warns solicitors watchdog

3 November 2016

We have warned the public to be wary of the growing problem of investment scams using law firms, as we deal with cases where people have lost at least £100m.

SRA launches support for youth court solicitors

1 November 2016

We have launched a specialist support package for solicitors working in youth courts, to help them when representing young people.


SRA urges solicitors to report touting

28 October 2016

We have committed to working with the profession to help target the increasing problem of touting.

Perceptions survey suggests positive progress in personal injury market but concerns remain

25 October 2016

We have published a survey of personal injury sector views which shows most respondents think the market seems to be generally working well, though there are still areas of concern that need to be investigated further.

SRA publishes data ahead of insurance consultation

20 October 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has today published analysis of professional indemnity insurance trends for law firms. The analysis will be used to inform the development of proposals for changes to minimum cover requirements.

SRA starts discussion on better information for consumers

20 October 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has today published initial ideas for improving the information available about law firms and solicitors, which could help consumers make more informed choices and result in a more competitive legal sector.

New criminal Legal Aid firms advised to apply for authorisation early

18 October 2016

We are advising new entities bidding for criminal Legal Aid contracts but which are not yet authorised to practise to make an application for authorisation as soon as possible.

Second consultation on the SQE gets under way

3 October 2016

We have launched our latest consultation on a new single assessment for would-be solicitors - the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).


Research shows value of work experience

29 September 2016

A wide range of work-based environments experienced by aspiring solicitors helps them to develop the competences needed to be a solicitor, new research has found.

SRA warns law firms about investment schemes

21 September 2016

We have repeated our warning to the profession about involvement in high-yield investment schemes.

Benchmarking indicates many jurisdictions have a common qualifying assessment, similar to SQE proposals

14 September 2016

A new benchmarking exercise has shown that central assessments similar to the proposed Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) are widespread in the major jurisdictions around the world.

SRA looks at implications for law firms of leaving EU

13 September 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is monitoring how law firms could be affected by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

SRA responds to the LSB's vision for reform

12 September 2016

The Solicitors Regulation (SRA) has welcomed the publication of the Legal Services Board's (LSB) vision for legislative reform.

Board welcomes new member

7 September 2016

Our Board has welcomed Tony Williams, principal of Jomati Consultants LLP, to its ranks.


Enterprise Insurance Update, 23 August

23 August 2016

Around two-thirds of firms that had professional indemnity cover with the now insolvent Enterprise Insurance have reported that they have secured new policies, with most other firms reporting progress in getting a new policy in place.

Enterprise Insurance update, 19 August

19 August 2016

Around two thirds of solicitor firms have already found alternative professional indemnity cover, or are well into the process of getting new policies in place, following the insolvency of Enterprise Insurance.

SRA responds to ABS consultation

4 August 2016

We have responded to the Government's proposals to increase competition in the legal services market.

Enterprise Insurance - Update, 2 August

2 August 2016

We have further information on the situation involving Gibraltar-based Enterprise Insurance, which provided professional indemnity insurance for law firms in England and Wales.


SRA launches research on consumers with family law needs

29 July 2016

As part of our planned programme of research, we have commissioned independent research to understand the experiences of consumers in family, children's and social welfare law.

Enterprise Insurance- Update, 27 July

27 July 2016

We have further information on Gibraltar-based Enterprise Insurance, which provides professional indemnity insurance for law firms in England and Wales.

Fee levels for next practising year submitted

26 July 2016

Proposed fee levels for the practising year 2016/17 have been submitted to the Legal Services Board for approval.

Enterprise Insurance

25 July 2016

We are aware that the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission is taking steps to issue winding up proceedings for Enterprise Insurance, based in Gibraltar, and has been directed that it cannot currently write any new business. This action is being taken in co-operation with the company.

Bogus firms problem not going away as numbers double since 2012, says the SRA

25 July 2016

We are advising law firms - and the public - to be vigilant, with reports of bogus firms doubling since 2012.

Question of Trust - views from the public and solicitors renew SRA mandate

15 July 2016

Initial findings show that the public and profession agree that dishonesty and misuse of client money are the most serious offences for a solicitor, yet the public view the issue of information security and competence more seriously than lawyers do.

CMA backs legal services reform

8 July 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has welcomed a report by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which supports the importance of reform to increase competition and improve consumer choice.

Trust on agenda for key regulators

7 July 2016

A keynote conference looking at professional standards, public confidence and access to services will be held in London next week.

Government move to increase competition welcome

7 July 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has welcomed steps by the government to increase competition in the legal services market as good news for the public, business and the economy.

SRA responds to LSB market evaluation

4 July 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has welcomed a report by the Legal Service Board (LSB) as a sign that legal services are moving in the right direction, but that there is still more to do to improve competition and build trust in the sector.


SRA and EU referendum result

24 June 2016

The following is the SRA's statement on the EU referendum result.

Fees information now available

23 June 2016

We have published this year's initial fees calculator to give firms an idea of their costs for practising in 2016/17.

'Shorter, sharper, clearer' Handbook will benefit consumers and solicitors

1 June 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is proposing to increase access to legal services by removing unnecessary bureaucracy and freeing up solicitors to work in new markets.

Case for SQE strong with more work needed on the detail

1 June 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has said there is a strong case for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), but has extended its timetable so that it can work on getting the detail right before making a final decision.


SRA highlights importance of wellbeing for solicitors

19 May 2016

With one in four people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem each year, we have launched a package of support to help solicitors who may be suffering in silence.

Regulator's research shows progress but still more to do to improve diversity in legal sector

17 May 2016

We have published research today (17 May) showing that although the legal sector is increasingly diverse, more still needs to be done.

SRA anti money laundering thematic review shows law firms are doing well

12 May 2016

Law firms are generally well set to deal with the risks of money laundering, according to the latest in a series of our thematic reports on topical issues.

SRA response to LSB assessment

10 May 2016

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published its latest assessment of our performance.


SRA appeal sees solicitors suspended for involvement in tax avoidance schemes

27 April 2016

Two solicitors originally fined £15,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) for their involvement in operating tax avoidance schemes have been suspended for three years at a new hearing.

Insurance change would increase flexibility for firms

21 April 2016

We have proposed a change to our Participating Insurers Agreement (PIA) to make it is easier for firms to switch their regulator and improve competition in the market.

Six month countdown to adopting new approach to continuing competence

20 April 2016

With less than six months to go until the old CPD requirements no longer apply, we are reminding solicitors and law firms to get ready for the new approach to continuing competence.

SRA Chair says more open legal market will boost Welsh economy

14 April 2016

Our Chair has told Welsh MPs that a more open and competitive legal services market will benefit the public, the profession and contribute to Welsh economic growth.

Al-Sweady Inquiry - statement

7 April 2016

Our investigation has involved the review of a huge amount of complex and detailed evidence contained in hundreds of thousands of documents.

SRA response to the cost of legal services report

5 April 2016

Paul Philip, our Chief Executive, has welcomed the Legal Services Board (LSB) research into the price of legal services.

Handbook updated with new consumer credit regime

1 April 2016

We have published the latest version of our Handbook, which includes changes to the regulation of consumer credit work.


Innovation in legal services is a win/win for the economy, law firms and the users of legal services

24 March 2016

Greater innovation in the legal services market is important for UK PLC, law firms and the users of legal services.

Separation would give boost to the market and consumers of legal services

24 March 2016

We have told the Competition and Markets Authority that making legal service regulators separate from their representative bodies would boost customer choice and the affordability of legal services.

SRA improves access to information as it launches new online database

22 March 2016

We have launched a searchable, online law firm database as a first step to improving access to information about the 10,000 plus law firms we regulate.

SRA warns solicitors over personal injury fraud

21 March 2016

We have issued a warning notice on potential fraud in personal injury cases, reminding the profession of its obligations.

SRA highlights IT innovation in the legal sector

14 March 2016

Use of technology can enable law firms to do more for clients, according to the latest marketplace report from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Technical change good news for ensuring standards in advocacy

9 March 2016

A technical change agreed today by our Board helps pave the way for the introduction of a system that will ensure solicitors acting as advocates in criminal cases deliver consistently high standards.

SRA confirms 2020 end of post run-off insurance cover

9 March 2016

We have confirmed that there will be no extension to arrangements providing insurance cover for closed firms beyond the current six-year run-off period.

SRA showcases innovation in the legal sector 

7 March 2016

We will be holding a free conference this month exploring new ideas and innovations in the legal sector.


SRA consults on technical changes to PII policy wording

12 February 2016

We are consulting on technical changes to the minimum terms and conditions that need to be included in professional indemnity insurance policies.

SRA response to LSB consultation on changes to the Practising Certificate Rules

11 February 2016

 The SRA has today welcomed the Legal Services Board's (LSB) consultation on legal practising fees.

Personal injury survey

2 February 2016

We have started a review to better understand the personal injury legal market and the experiences of solicitors providing legal advice.

A Question of Trust campaign attracted thousands of responses from solicitors

1 February 2016

We have now closed one of the biggest consultations we have ever run, putting the views of the profession and the public at the heart of regulation.


LSB approves SRA rule change on reserved activity

28 January 2016

We have welcomed the decision by the Legal Services Board to approve proposals to remove unnecessary burdens on law firms carrying out reserved activities.

SRA welcomes Insurance Task Force report

20 January 2016

We have welcomed the Ministry of Justice's report on insurance fraud and will be working even more closely with other agencies in a bid to crack down further on fraudulent claims.

Complaints about SRA work drop again

20 January 2016

The number of complaints about our work has dropped for the second year running.

SRA wins anonymity appeal

19 January 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has overturned an anonymity order made by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. The Tribunal made the order because it only found a respondent guilty of a technical breach of the Code of Conduct.

Consumer credit toolkit helps firms with compliance

19 January 2016

We have published a consumer credit toolkit to help firms ensure the services they deliver are compliant with the new regulatory regime.

Have your say on the proposed Solicitors Qualifying Examination

14 January 2016

We are inviting solicitors, education and training providers and students to a series of consultation events on the proposed Solicitors Qualifying Examination.

Nottingham gets a vote on legal questions of trust

14 January 2016

Nottingham will be having its say in a major campaign looking into what should happen when solicitors fall short of expected standards.

SRA begins review of legal support for asylum seekers

14 January 2016

The SRA has unveiled a programme of work to better understand how the legal service market serves asylum seekers.

SRA welcomes CMA study into legal services

13 January 2016

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has welcomed the announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority that the CMA will launch a market study into legal services.

Liverpool gets a vote on legal questions of trust

7 January 2016

Liverpool will be having its say in a major campaign looking into what should happen when solicitors fall short of expected standards.

Al-Sweady Inquiry, statement, January 2016

6 January 2016

We received new and potentially serious information from the Inquiry Report in December 2014, as outlined in our statement of January 2015, and further evidence supplied by the Government in March 2015.

Research projects to inform the work of the SRA

4 January 2016

We have set out our research programme for 2016, and have put protecting the public interest at its heart.