News release

SRA helps small firms stay ahead of the game

As part of our regular review of risks for the legal sector, we have today (30 November) issued advice to help small law firms stay one step ahead of the issues they face.

The SRA has updated its Risk Outlook and priority risks to take account of recent work on managing client relationships and diversity. At the same time, we have published a guide aimed specifically at small firms to help them manage the issues relevant to them.

The guide also has information about cybercrime and outlines the five most common types - email redirection, malware, vishing, phishing and mandate fraud - and provides tips on how small firms can protect themselves.

Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive, said: "The risks faced by law firms are constantly changing and we want to do everything we can to raise awareness. That is why we produce our annual Risk Outlook and update it through the year.

"Most law firms are small businesses and I know that resources can be stretched. As part of our commitment to doing more to help, we have developed a short guide for small firms. The guide focuses on what matters most for this part of the sector, supporting risk management and making it easier for businesses to concentrate on delivering good services.

"Cybercrime continues to be a real concern. I think getting to grips with how it operates and taking steps to protect both the firm and clients has to be a priority for all law firms. We have included top tips in our small firm guide and I would encourage everyone to take a look and think about what you might need to do."