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Trainee numbers in 2014 - clarification

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is aware that information about trainee solicitor numbers, published as a result of information provided by the SRA in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, has led to some confusion.

In response to a query from a training company, we said: "5,541 training contracts were registered in 2014, and 3,415 periods of recognised training entered into". The response we gave should have been clearer; which would have enabled the company requesting the information to publish a more accurate picture of the current position. The figure of 5,541 represents the total number of trainees taken on in the calendar year 2014.

Richard Collins, SRA Executive Director, said: "We apologise for any confusion this has caused. We have spoken directly to the training company about this to explain and correct the position. We are also taking this step to correct the position publicly and we hope this clarifies the matter."

The up to date figures, at 17 February 2015 for the numbers of trainee places registered over the last three years are:


Training Contract

Period of Recognised Training

Total number of trainees

Change from previous year
















Trainee numbers can be subject to change as there can be delays in notifying training contracts, or periods of recognised training, to the SRA and, therefore, recording on the system. That is why the 5,541 figure from the end of January is now 5,514.

As part of the drive to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, the SRA removed the need for training contracts to be registered from 1 July 2014. Any trainee taken on by a firm from that point onwards would be deemed in a Period of Recognised Training.

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