QLTS regulations 2010 - applications and appeals under Schedule 2(3)(ii)

Schedule 2(3) states that:

"Candidates who have commenced the Bar Vocational Course after 1 August 2009 and before the 15 July 2011 on a part-time basis, shall be treated as if their application for a certificate of eligibility had been made under the QLTR provided that the candidate has successfully completed the Bar Vocational Course:

  • (i) prior to 31 August 2011; or
  • (ii) if the SRA, in the exercise of its discretion, determines that a candidate's circumstances are exceptional, such later date as the SRA shall determine should apply."

Procedure if you do not have exceptional circumstances

Please request an application form by emailing the contact centre. Submit the application to the SRA with the fee, together with evidence that you

  • started a part-time BVC after 1 August 2009, and
  • successfully completed the course prior to 31 August 2011, and
  • have been called to the Bar prior to 31 August 2011 or have a call dinner place confirmed by your Inn for a date before the end of 2011.

Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances in this context means that the applicant has shown the SRA that the circumstances of the application are sufficiently exceptional to justify a departure from Schedule (2)(3)(i). Exceptional circumstances are circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the individual which prohibited them from completing the BVC by 31 August 2011. Such circumstances would include but are not limited to

  • personal illness, or
  • exacerbation of a long-term disability.

The recognition of the need for a deferral by a BVC provider would suggest the existence of exceptional circumstances.

Please note that every application is considered on its individual merits.

Procedure if you consider that your circumstances are exceptional

If you would like your application to be considered under Schedule 2(3)(i), you should submit your evidence to the .

If you disagree with our decision, you have the right, on payment of a fee of £264, to request a review of our decision by an adjudicator.