New Waiver Approach Launched

A new approach to how we grant and publish waivers to our rules, which is designed to encourage innovation and make information on successful applications more readily available, has been launched today.

Focussing more clearly on waivers which will deliver benefits the public, the new approach features simplified criteria and an easier-to-understand application process. To promote greater transparency, fuller details on all waivers granted will now be published, subject to commercial sensitivities, on our website

Alongside the new approach we have also issued a report summarising waiver applications we have received over the past three years. As well as information on the number and types of waivers granted, this report also outlines initiatives which are currently being piloted within the SRA Innovation Space.

Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive, said: “Our new approach will not only help encourage innovation, but will also ensure that there is real transparency about the waivers we grant.

“After successfully piloting our approach in the SRA Innovation Space, we would encourage law firms to consider how they work and whether they can do more to provide new services in new ways that meet people’s needs.”

Further information on waivers is available here:

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