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Not too late to get involved

by Crispin Passmore on 30 August 2016

Not too late to get involved Crispin Passmore Executive Director, Policy 2016-08-30 We are a good way into our 16-week consultation on our changes to the handbook, and so far we've engaged with more than 1,000 individuals and almost 10,000 people have looked at the consultation pages online. We've
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What do the public think?

by Richard Silver on 14 July 2016

Research by YouGov has shown 62 percent of British adults use a solicitor or a law firm at least once in their lives. So it stands to reason then that the proposals we are setting down in our consultation will not only impact solicitors themselves, but also the millions of people that rely on their services and expertise.
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A clearer approach

by Crispin Passmore on 01 June 2016

Today we have launched a consultation on our new Codes of Conduct and SRA Accounts Rules. These are important steps towards a modern approach to regulation that recognises that firms are different and solicitors practise in different ways.
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A changing legal world

by Crispin Passmore on 18 May 2016

The way that solicitors offer, and consumers choose and use, legal services has been changing. While for many the traditional ways are still the most suitable, for others technology and choice are driving change.
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Evolution not revolution

by Chris Handford on 26 November 2015

Our Looking to the Future position paper marks another step forward in ensuring that our regulation helps firms deliver high quality legal services in a sector that is changing faster than ever before.
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