Applying for Professional Skills Course exemptions

January 2019


This is an application for exemption from any of the core modules of the Professional Skills Course (PSC).

You will need to complete the electives at an approved PSC provider.

You must demonstrate the following eligibility requirements:

Advocacy and Communication Skills

You must demonstrate experience of civil and criminal advocacy and the experience should normally have been gained over a period of 5 years or more.

Client Care and Professional Standards

You should have acquired experience of the issues in the subject area at a suitable level, normally over a period of 8 years or more.

Financial and Business Skills

We will only allow an exemption if you have been successfully examined on a similar syllabus recently.

Important information

For work-based learning1, your evidence will need to confirm the work carried out and how it meets the requirements of the core PSC modules. This must be corroborated by your supervisor. They should be a solicitor or another individual who has knowledge of the PSC written standards and legal practice.

For certifIcated learning we will only recognise academic credit that has led to a qualification or certificate.

If you are claiming an exemption based on an award obtained outside the UK, the awarding body must be recognised by UK NARIC.

Completion of the CPE/QLD, LPC or PRT cannot be used as a basis to apply for the PSC exemptions. There is a progressive element as the PSC is designed to build on these.

Making your application

The application fee is £210.

We aim to provide you with a decision within 90 days of receiving your application.

Apply Now

Download application form (DOC 22 pages, 123KB)

You must keep a copy of your application and evidence.

  1. 1. Certificated learning is learning which has led to a qualification or certificate. Whilst work-based learning is objectively assessed workplace experience.