Confidentiality of client data: Are you at risk?

Protecting the confidentiality of client data is a key responsibility for regulated firms. It is extremely important for you to be aware of IT security risks to the information you hold. These risks could result from hacking, virus programs or a wide range of different forms of "cybercrime".

In order to manage these risks, you need to maintain appropriate levels of IT security, such as properly updated operating systems and browsers and using reliable security software.

For example, if you are using Windows XP, you should be aware of forthcoming changes to the security support for Windows XP. From 8 April 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP with updates, assisted support or online technical options. Remaining users will increasingly be exposed to online threats as XP weaknesses will no longer be addressed.

Flaws in XP will be an attractive target for cyber-criminals. If your firm is still using Windows XP, you should ensure that you continue to protect your clients' data.