SRA priorities for 2014

The SRA's key operational priority will continue to be firms facing financial difficulty. Our work over the past year has shown the benefits of engaging early with the SRA in these circumstances.

We will be continuing work on some major policy reviews including the Compensation Arrangements Review and the Fuller Fees Review. There will be plenty of opportunity for engagement on both these issues in the course of the year.

Cutting back on bureaucracy will also remain at the top of the SRA's agenda. The Red Tape Initiative will continue in 2014 and its ethos will be taken forward in a number of other reforms that will be implemented during the year, including the removal of a range of requirements in the current training regulations, on which we are currently consulting.

Our Training for Tomorrow policy statement, published n October 2013, was our response to the Legal Education and Training Review research report. The SRA will be following a substantial programme of work in 2014, which will radically overhaul our approach to education and training. We have a detailed plan in place to engage with our stakeholders on these issues, which will impact on the whole of the regulated community.

For full details of the SRA's priorities, see our 2013/2014 Business Plan.

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