Workforce diversity data collection

The deadline for those firms who have yet to submit their aggregated workforce diversity data is 31 January. If your firm fails to complete the exercise by then, it is in danger of facing regulatory action.

If you have not already collected the data, we urge you to read the guidance on our website before proceeding. We are aware of a number of firms that have experienced problems when reporting their data to us as they have not collected their information in the correct format.

We have prepared the following guidance to help you report your data to us:

We have identified three common errors from our experience to date, which firms should be aware of:

  1. Some firms have carried out anonymous surveys of their staff without asking them to identify their role category. They cannot now enter this data into the reporting tool on mySRA, as required.
  2. A number of firms are not entering the total number of individuals working at the firm in the mySRA totals tab, only a breakdown of the role categories of those who have responded to the questionnaire.
  3. Some firms are sending their survey results to us directly rather than entering the data into mySRA themselves. The data must be entered into the Organisation Diversity Data section of mySRA, available after you log in.

When saving each page, it may take a short time to complete this function so avoid clicking the Save button multiple times.

Our website has further information. However, if you don't find the answers to your queries here please email us at

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