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SRA enhances approach to consultation

We are improving the way we engage with those affected by our work by adopting a flexible and tailored approach to how we consult on, for example, proposals for new ways of working, policy changes and amendments to the Handbook.

Our Board decided in December that a considered approach to each consultation was needed, and that we should publish a statement on our approach. We are committed to undertaking more engagement with stakeholders before any formal consultation.

We will also reach out to interested parties in a range of ways so that we can give as many people as possible the opportunity to comment. And we will design each consultation process in the light of factors such as the outcome of previous information gathering exercises and the complexity of the issues. For example, a relatively straight-forward matter might only need a short consultation period, whereas more complex proposals may need a longer process and potentially several separate exercises.

Crispin Passmore, SRA Executive Director of Policy, said: "To be a fair and proportionate regulator means we need to have effective engagement with all those we work with. We want to make sure we get meaningful feedback from those who may be affected by any proposed changes, and our new bespoke approach will help with that.

"Publishing our new agreed approach to consultation provides an open and transparent framework for better engagement."

We undertook 13 consultations in 2014, and have carried out a total of 87 consultations since we were formed in 2007. The agreed approach to consultations can be found here:

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