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Information on law firms to become available to comparison websites

Please refer to our data sharing information for updates.

As part of our commitment to transparency and openness, we are making a suite of core data about law firms available for use by comparison websites.

This will help to make sure that everyone has better access to information about regulated law firms, raising awareness of the range of services and firms in the market. Providing the information in a format that others can use will make it easier for people to consider and assist them in making choices about which services are most suitable for their purposes.

Paul Philip, Chief Executive, said: "Making information about law firms and solicitors readily available and helpful for both members of the public and businesses looking for legal services is a real priority for us. The public rightly expect to be able to find the information they need easily and many people routinely use comparison websites.

"Providing core data for use by others is a starting point and we are now looking at what more we can do to make information about the firms we regulate as accessible as possible."

We look forward to hearing from comparison websites interested in applying to use data. The websites will need to be signed up to the Legal Services Board Consumer Panel self assessment standard.



Note to editors

Core information on regulated law practices will be made available by us to third party legal comparison websites under a data sharing agreement. We will not be charging any fee as the data is already in the public domain.

The data will cover:

  • Office Name
  • Current Licence (e.g. Recognised Body, Licensed Body etc)
  • Office Type (e.g. Head Office or Branch)
  • Office SRA No.
  • Firm SRA No. (only populated for Branches)
  • Business Type (Law Practice)
  • Constitution Type (e.g. LLP, Partnership etc)
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Run Time (Date/Time of dataset production)

No other detail will be given. No information will be provided on in-house solicitors or unregulated businesses. Comparison websites will need to be signed up to the Legal Services Board Consumer Panel self assessment standard to apply for access to SRA data. 

Our work for the next 12 months is laid out in the 2014/15 Business Plan, which was launched in November alongside the over-arching Corporate Strategy for 2014/17. Making data available to comparison websites is a specific commitment at item 5.3 in our Business Plan.

Read the Business Plan.

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