News release

Managing risk - it's good for business

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is inviting people to register for a webinar, Managing risk - it's good for business, on 10 September 2014, 12.30—13.30.

The webinar follows the recent publication of the 2014 Risk Outlook, which provides law firms and others with a clear view of the factors driving change in the legal services market and the key risks likely to impact the profession over the next 12 months.

The webinar poses law firms with the question, 'What plans do you have to mitigate risk in the year ahead?'

The Authority says that the Outlook is playing an ever-increasing role in firms' planning and strategic thinking. A strong grasp of the risks firms are facing can generate major commercial advantages—especially if firms can demonstrate that they are well equipped to manage any risks that could impact upon their clients.

Tim Livesley, SRA Chief Economist, said: "This will be an opportunity to explain why we believe some risks are increasing and others may be become less of a danger. We want to set out our view of risk to help firms to take a proportionate approach to managing them.”

Webinar presenters, all based in the SRA's Risk Centre, will close the webinar by presenting a preview of the SRA's latest research. This covers money laundering, bogus firms and the need for a diverse and representative profession. The research, which will accompany the next Risk Outlook update due out in November, will offer new information about risks, along with guidance for firms on how to manage them.

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