News release

SRA's new training regulations kick in

Today, Tuesday 1 July sees the introduction of the SRA's new training regulations which take away unnecessary and bureaucratic procedures that added no regulatory benefit.

It is the first step in the overhaul of legal education under the Training for Tomorrow review. (

As a result:-

  • student processes will be simplified. New law students will no longer need to register with the SRA—saving a £80 fee—or to get a certificate of academic standing from the SRA;
  • the SRA will no longer stipulate the employment terms of the training contract; and
  • from 1 August, trainees' salaries will be subject to the national Minimum Wage regulations
  • The SRA is also introducing a new "equivalent means" application under which candidates who can demonstrate they have met the regulator's training requirements through other, equivalent experience or qualifications can seek admission as a solicitor.

Julie Brannan, Director of Education and Training, said: "We are pleased that we have been able to remove unnecessary requirements.

"The new regulations should free up both students and training providers to get on with the business of ensuring that their courses are of a high standard, without the hassle of needless bureaucracy."

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