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Impact of regulation survey under way

We are carrying out a survey to get your feedback on the impact of regulation on your firm. Some of you may have been contacted to take part in this important research.

Two years ago, we carried out a survey of 1,000 firms to ask perceptions of the first year of our new regulatory regime. The results revealed that perceptions of outcomes-focused regulation had become more positive, but we still had work to do to help embed the regime.

We are running this survey again to gauge our progress in that time. A number of firms will be written to by IFF Research, the company we have engaged to carry out this piece of work. They have been asked for views on the effectiveness of regulation, the current cost of regulation and the quality of our relationship with firms.

The survey findings will play an important role in helping to refine our approach to regulation. The 2012 findings are available here:

Go to the survey results

This survey is different to the Legal Services Board's "cost of regulation" survey. We have liaised with the Legal Services Board to ensure firms are not contacted for both research projects.

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