Evolution not revolution

by Chris Handford, Director of Regulatory Policy

26 November 2015

Our Looking to the Future position paper marks another step forward in ensuring that our regulation helps firms deliver high quality legal services in a sector that is changing faster than ever before.

We want to regulate in a way that works in this changing world and helps people and businesses access competent and ethical legal services.

Why is new approach required? We have already made changes to our regulations to provide greater flexibility for solicitors and firms to deliver services in way that works for them and for the public. But we think we need to go further. The way that legal services are delivered and purchased is changing rapidly. We need our regulation to keep up; enabling solicitors to focus on their clients, as well as allowing us to provide the appropriate protections for the public.

Our proposed changes are evolution not revolution. Our position paper signals our thinking but there is much we still need to consider. Following on from the discussion this paper will generate, we will issue a consultation in spring 2016 on our next steps. Reforms will not be implemented before April 2017 and we will be providing guidance and toolkits to support you.

Your views are vital in developing our thinking. We want you to get involved; whether you are a solicitor, a firm we regulate or a member of the public. We want to hear your views on what works and what could be improved with our current Handbook.

Tell us what you think works, what could be improved with our Handbook and what you think of our ideas.