What do the public think?

by Richard Silver, Policy Officer

14 July 2016

Research by YouGov has shown 62 percent of British adults use a solicitor or a law firm at least once in their lives. So it stands to reason then that the proposals we are setting down in our consultation will not only impact solicitors themselves, but also the millions of people that rely on their services and expertise.

As part of the consultation we are considering possible impacts on the public our changes could bring, including:

    How changes could bring improvements for more vulnerable consumers?

    How greater freedom and flexibility for solicitors might impact the cost of legal services?

    What support and information people will need to understand what has changed and what it means for their choice of solicitor?

Research can help shine a light on possible answers to these questions but we know that gives us just one part of the jigsaw. Therefore we need to take the conversation directly to the public to get their views, concerns, and ideas for where we should be heading.

Our recent 'A question of trust' consultation saw us reach out to thousands of consumers and gave us insight into what people really want and expect from solicitors and regulation.

Our 'Looking to the future' work continues this journey and our full schedule of activities makes sure we are not only listening to members of the public, but more importantly taking on board their views and expectations.

This activity includes:

  • carrying out public focus groups in different parts of England and Wales
  • hosting roundtable meetings with organisations that represent specific consumer communities (including small businesses)
  • using the 'Legal Choices' website and Facebook pages to reach consumers and get views about the changes
  • running a public online survey later in the year to reach out to more people.

We will be publishing what we find out from this work on our website next year, but in the meantime if you are interested in finding out more please do get in touch.

You can contact us through our 'Quick comment' or through our social media channels.